WMCF Healthy Challenge 2018

WMCF Healthy Challenge 2018

Challenge Details

Here we go!

Take a look below and see what the next 6 weeks can help you achieve.

Daily Goals


Eat Healthy

3 Points - Perfect day, no cheats
2 Points - One Minor Slip
1 Points - Major Slip
0 Points - More than one cheat

Water Intake

3 Points - 80 oz +
2 Points - 60 oz +
1 Points - 40 oz +
0 Points - Less then 60 oz


3 Points - 8 Hours +
2 Points - 7 Hours +
1 Points - 6 Hours +
0 Points - Less then 6 Hours


3 Points - 15+ Minutes
2 Points - 10+ Minutes
1 Points -   5+ Minutes
0 Points - No Additional

*This does not include mobility done in class

Fasted Walk

1 Point - 20 Minute Walk

A great way to spur on your metabolism is to start each day with an aggressive 20 minute walk.
This should be done prior to any food or beverage intake.

Weekly Goals


Attend 3 Classes

Maintaining your consistency with workouts is an important part of overall Health

Attend 3 Classes a Week (and sign in on the computer) to earn your 10 Points
(These points will be added automatically for you based on your log ins)

Completion Based Goals


Practice your "Goat"

A "Goat" is a movement that you feel you are weak or struggle with.
Examples of this are:
    - Double Unders
    - Handstand Push-ups
    - Pull-ups
    - Kipping
    - Rowing
    - Really anything that seams harder then others for you.

Complete 60 minutes of practice on your "Goat" (thats 10 minutes a week) and earn an additional 60 Points

Try 6 New Vegetables

Eating a diverse amount of vegetables is essential to good health. To encourage this we want you to try at least 1 new vegetable a week.

Complete this goal and receive 60 Points

Cook 3 New Meals

Many of you are good at one particular meal or another. Some have breakfast dialed in but lunch is always a problem, others dinner is good but anything before that is hard.

Find a day and only eat food you cook for Breakfast / Lunch / & Dinner.

Although this seams small to some, it can help set you up for longterm success.

Complete this goal and receive 60 Points

Week 1 Cleanse

Ridding your body of the toxins that are found in processed foods and reseting your brain to crave healthy quality foods is the first step in improving your lifetime eating habits.
To achieve this we strongly encourage a five day cleanse as described in the educational material.

Follow the cleanse for the first 5 days and receive an additional 100 Points.

Challenge Workout Details

The following is the benchmark workout that the WMCF Healthy Challenge 2018 is using to gauge your overall improvement at the end of the challenge.

WMCF Baseline 1

AMRAP 12 Minutes

  10 Wallballs 20/14
    8 Ab-Mat Situps
    6 Burpees
250m Row}
Initial Workout Dates:
Sept. 24, 2018-Oct. 8, 2018
Final Workout Dates:
Oct. 21, 2018-Nov. 4, 2018


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Challenge Info:

WMCF Healthy Challenge 2018

Dates: Sept. 24, 2018 - Nov. 4, 2018

Reg Deadline: Oct. 15, 2018

Participant Standings

Registration: $50.00

Reg Deadline Passed

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